Dating men down low

I wanted to quit my job when I found out all the nasty stuff that goes on. almost every lesbian i know are into black chicks..ofcourse black chicks will turn lesbian being around themselves lol.i was a lesbo il do black/mixed chicks too (no homo) they have the best bodies.

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Researchers interviewed more than 9,000 men and women ages 18 to 44 years of age.

Of all the men interviewed, 6.2 percent of them said they had engaged in same-sex sexual activity at least once in their lifetime.

XD the ugly ones were the only ones that were STRAIGHT and even they were with other races of women..(yes, some were with white women to OBVIOUSLY) but lets be honest, loads of white men are gay..something aint right oh yeah and another thing i guys that date white chicks tend to talk GIRLY too.tend to look BISEXUAL..true that ww like it up their bum hole during sex? When I went to college I had a white gay friend and we were very close and he was screwing around with a married man eww.

Today, i saw tonnes of nice looking white guys..soon as they opened their mouths to talk.sounded like women, shaped their eyebrows and most rocked gucci handbags.sad.. Especially with so many Bull Dike Black women running around.

With society's expectations of women and what we are to have accomplished by a certain age: Married with 2 ½ kids in a stable home, etc., some women are bound by said expectations.

And if any of those components are missing, there must be 'something' wrong with her!

I could be wrong, but I felt he was letting me know that he may either be bisexual or at least had some internal conflict going on about his sexual identity.

He also said in passing once that women he's rejected accuse him of being gay.

it was really hard looking for BLACK MALE AND WHITE FEMALE 'NORMAL' COUPLE PICTURES in INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS (to prove my point)...since when i typed in:'interracial relationships black men and white women' THIS is what came up(mainly black women and white men)-times have changed huh? I live in Atlanta with a lot of successful attractive black men (I'm in the beauty industry btw) many so called "straight men" white and black are on the dl and if he acts in anyway effiminate you need to check that.

Also to white chicks, their dicks will SEEM big but they cant bring that 2'' to a mixed or black one.sir! Why do people have to push their own issues on other people. Black women are really getting annoying with this DL garbage.

Some women are living in the closet of their passions, their inner truths being smothered like the steak most men adore. People, no matter the sex or preference, ought to be honest with themselves first enabling them to be honest to those in their realm.

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