Dating memories scrapbook

Box upon box is stuffed to the lid with these colourful reminders of the past, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.Despite my mum’s best efforts – and my own occasional attempts to pare down my memory boxes – the keepsakes just keep on piling up.But for whatever reason, I have a sentimental blind spot for old beer bottle labels, pristine old postcards and deflated balloons from my sixteenth birthday.

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The perfect place to showcase and protect your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories, a heritage scrapbook album is wonderful way to document your family's history and create a lasting gift for future generations.

While it may seem a daunting task when faced with boxes of dusty old photos, scrapbooking is actually both fun and more easy than you might think!

Larger heirlooms such as a pocket watch, wedding dress, or family quilt can also be included by photocopying or scanning them, and using the copies in your heritage album.

As you begin to accumulate photos and materials, work to organize and protect them by sorting them in archival safe photo files and boxes.

provides a showcase for arts and crafts that feature family photographs and memorabilia.

This unique magazine presents sophisticated scrapbook and journal pages, plus a gorgeous array of paper crafts, fabric arts, memorabilia, and mixed-media art made by our talented readers and contributors.

The stuff I keep ranges from the understandable (letters) to the quite frankly ridiculous (birthday cards dating back at least 5 years).

However, it was my travel scrapbooking that helped me finally give some order to these hoarded items.

My bedroom plays host to any number of ticket stubs, concert tickets, ripped out pages from journals I started and never finished, photos, wristbands, and corks from celebratory bottles of bubbly.

I have boxes dedicated to ex-boyfriends, past adventures, a variety of different school years, and even to my first year of university.

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