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It’s been enshrined in fangirl lore as “the infamous night that period drama fans broke (a small part of) the BBC (dot com).” Richard Armitage, who played the brooding hero John Thornton, became a star and heartthrob — move over Colin Firth! I had a similar reaction to those first viewers’ when I watched has the marriage plot of an Austen adaptation but with no witty repartee, and the social strife and coughing deathbeds of a Dickens adaptation yet without any broad humor.

In addition, it’s filmed in a mostly muted register of colors to signify the dark, industrial vibe of “Milton” (a stand-in for Manchester).

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The 2005 take on Jane Austen's best-loved novel, starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen, is all well and good, but it's a truth universally acknowledged that this brilliant six-part BBC adaptation will always be the definitive on-screen version.

Still best known for the scene in which a soggy Mr.

They want Caspian to have a sibling.” The actress’s rep, however, quickly turned down the rumors, telling People that they were false.

In their downtime, the couple enjoys watching TV together.

It’s nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son.” In 2014, rumors surfaced that Campbell and Feild were expecting a second child together.

A source allegedly told US Weekly, “They’ve always wanted more than one child.

But then, a few weeks later, the fourth installment of ended with a tender, long-awaited kiss (now known to viewers as “The Kiss”).

Immediately, so many people flooded the BBC’s online message boards that they crashed and shut down.

She is, obviously, an actress and has been in movies, television series and also on the stage. Apparently she and Richard lived together in South London for quite some time, although, according to gossip, they no longer do so.

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