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This is one glamour Hollywood couple that has made it past the Jahr mark Von being very private.

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Christian kane dating sofia pernas who is kendra really dating

Well gosh, we now know that Whitney was married in the late summer or fall of 2010, so it turns out he was not with her in early 2011.

Likely this news came from another fan site, where fans of Whitney started the rumour.

Yes, Jill suffered a heart attack at the same time her heart was shattered to pieces, which, I guess, is apt and quite appropriate, considering it was Valentine's Day. Jill was absolutely ready and willing to pay the big bucks for Fenmore's, if only to get Jack's clawing paws off of it.

It was also sad and ironic, since a lady's heart should be bursting with love on that very special day, and Jill's was onlywell, bursting. She was even ready to take all of her retirement funds out to put toward getting majority ownership of Fenmore's -- if she'd had any retirement money left, that is.

I had to give Jill credit when she admitted in the hospital that she had always known Colin would never change.

She just thought he would never target her for his cons. But Jill's heart attack was not silly and was not only a wake-up call for Jill to fully understand what her husband was capable of, but also of her actual physical condition. But Jill's always been a fighter, and she was in the fight of her life.

They have been together ever since, with her flying from L.

A to Portland while he's filming Leverage, and Christian flying home to visit.

Actually he is single as in UNMARRIED but he and Whitney Duncan re united at the first part of 2011 after what I was told was a year apart. although if you would rather see it on the web there is plenty on twitter and an interview Christian Kane did with CMT not answering the girlfriend question at all.

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