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She explained that she lost her virginity when she was 16 to her high school boyfriend When she graduated high school, Alix headed to college and threw herself into her studies even though she wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do with her life, finishing in three years thanks to her high school AP credits and her determination to take classes every summer, spring, and winter break.

By the time Alix was 21, she was wondering what to do next.

KIK: Hey Its Mel98 I'm selling my nudes for a reallly great price right now.

Alix Lynx, 26, from upstate New York, was an accomplished student who graduated college with a degree in communications and an MBA in digital marketing, but after a series of layoffs that led her to a full-time job as a webcam girl, she decided to give up nine to five jobs for good to follow her desire to do porn.

Her mom encouraged her to get a master's degree, and because she felt 'pressured' Alix started to pursue an MBA in digital marketing online part-time.

That means it's time for burgers on the grill, cold beer and a sexy girl from around the way.

'Porn is something I wanted to do since I was a teenager... [When I was a teenager,] I came across a stack of Playboy magazines at a friend's.

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