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The stretch of road Olounou-Oveng-Frontière is split into two lots.The first, Olounou-Oveng, of 70 km, is currently the subject of a technical private study, while for the second one, Oveng-Frontière Gabon, of 38 km, studies have been undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works.

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The Italian presence has proved necessary to pull the trigger on this project.

Relations between Cameroon and Italy in the BTP started in February, in Yaoundé, at the margins of the “Forum Cameroun-Italie”, during which an agreement was concluded between the Ministry of Public Works (Mintp) and Mario Giro (link), the Italian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible for the Cooperation.

The Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies takes up this challenge and makes it the philosophical core of all of its programs.

The Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies is a member of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics.

The Angevins, driven from the Mediterranean, could have contented themselves with bringing good government to their French domains, subordinated to London.

Meanwhile, a Burgundian middle kingdom — a revived Lotharingia under the Hapsburgs — would have been a rival centre of the graces and the arts.All a fantasy, but anyone contemplating the damage which modern Europeans have inflicted on their continent might well seek refuge in fantasy.Or in a more substantial alternative: a good dinner.It is impossible to think about any Italian region without wondering ‘What if?’ Sardinia lacks the glamour, grandeur and menace of Sicily, but it is still a fascinating exemplar of Mediterranean culture: the different historical strata stretching back to pre-history.So: what if the mediaeval rulers of Aragon had been more enduring? There is no reason why Barcelona should have been ruled from Madrid: still less for the Sardinians to be governed by Turin.

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