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I never stated that I believe what Phil says in his videos, only that his death was not what it seemed, you said you were going to share knowledge about interterestials you didnt you just told us things that are in abundance on the internet, that is not proof, the picture could easily have been photoshopped, its not proof.Real evidence is needed, I do not think you can provide anything to seriously back up your claims but please amaze me I want to believe.

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Second egg spotted in Hanover eagle nest (CLICK HERE). Live chat: Naturalist Jack Hubley discusses eagles (CLICK HERE).

First egg spotted on Hanover eagle cam (CLICK HERE).

Newton was spotted prowling around the yearly music festival, and Carolina's star QB is strutting his stuff in a pretty unique piece of clothing.

Check out what he's walking around in: It wasn't all slander, mind you.

Jay Pritchett (father-in-law) De De Pritchett (mother-in-law) Mitchell Pritchett (brother-in-law) Gloria Pritchett (stepmother-in-law) Manny Delgado (stepbrother-in-law) Joe Pritchett (half-brother-in-law) Cameron Tucker (brother-in-law) Lily Tucker-Pritchett (adoptive niece by marriage) He is seen as very competitive, one example being his nature of always beating his son at basketball.

He has a very juvenile attitude, and is referred to by Claire as the "kid [she's] married to." He uses a parenting method that he calls "peerenting", which is a combination of talking like a peer but acting like a parent.

He at times shows a sort of crush-like affection for Gloria.

He says, however, he "would never stray from Claire," although Gloria did kiss him during a "kisscam" segment at a basketball game in the final episode of season 1, "Family Portrait".

and really we could keep going through his audacious style choices all day.

Newton is having fun during some downtime in the offseason, and he's probably pretty comfortable to boot.

Though Newton had his fair share of detractors, the Panthers' QB had fans out there, with some people even wishing they could get their hands on the outfit for themselves: Regardless of what his detractors say, Newton is going to continue doing his thing.

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