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"The archaeological evidences found in the caves suggest that these places might be satellite habitations around the more prospered civilizations found in the region at Suabarei, Banga and Deltihuda.

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ASI officials found paintings and engravings on ceiling and walls of 12 caves, which are dating back to over 4000 years, ASI sources claimed. The paintings are red ochre, yellow and white in colour and while the engravings in the caves are very prominent.

Since similar rock arts have been found in Lekhamoda and Ushakothi region in Sundergarh district, we believe the new discoveries are dating back to Neolithic and Chalcolithic period," said deputy superintending archaeologist D B Garnayak.

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The tag just signifies that you are probably having a bright future ahead.The project "Exploration at Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary" started in January and so far 25 caves dating back to Neolithic and Chalcolithic period have been unearthed.BHUBANESWAR: Excavation wing of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Bhubaneswar unearthed around 25 caves and rock art sites belonging to prehistoric period in Chandaka hill range inside the Wildlife Sanctuary, about 40 kms from the capital city.They discovered 25 caves spreading across in 30 square km area in the Chandaka hill range.The paintings depicted various things including animals, birds, reptiles, geometric shapes, motifs and weapons.422 years called looking guys i dated have outside my race free dating.

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