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In Acem Meditation, you repeat a meditation sound mentally without effort, while thoughts and impressions are allowed to come and go freely. The point is not to control your thoughts, but to produce greater inner freedom.

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Scientific studies have revealed that Acem Meditation provides deeper relaxation than ordinary rest; on some accounts even quicker benefits than what can be gained from sleep.

Acem is an international non-profit organization devoted to establishing an understanding and teaching of meditation in Europe, India and other parts of the world.

COINS also increases Norway’s international student mobility, hosts internationally recognised researchers, and offers “free flow of goods and services” in Information Security Research in Norway.

COINS expects to recruit 40 students at any given moment.

Ces plages sont nos préférées car elles réunissent plusieurs critères: la nature est préservée, on a de l’espace entre nos voisins de serviette et la plage est dans un bel environnement.

Pour accéder à ces plages, il est souvent nécessaire de marcher 20 à 30 minutes (parfois davantage) pour en profiter pleinement. On y croise d’ailleurs quelques naturistes venus chercher la tranquillité.

La deg inspirere av over 60 forskjellige bunader og festdrakter...

Bunad Rosen i Drøbak er en familiebedrift som har drevet butikk og systue siden 1990. I tillegg driver vi med omsøm, og tar imot stoff for brodering/montering.

Acem Meditation is based on modern psychology and scientific research.

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