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star (and younger sister to bad boy Spencer Pratt) reveals she started battling bulimia after watching a scene she shot with costar Lauren Conrad in 2007: “I was horrified.

I remember saying, ‘I can’t believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren.’” Another time, when filming in Hawaii with bikinis, the size 0-2 Stephanie asked costar Audrina Patridge, “What looks better, ‘shirt on or off?

“She hasn’t officially moved out yet, but she stays with different people.

It’s grown so bad between them she doesn’t want to be there.” an insider told Pagesix.

YSL‘s Leopard-Knit Scarf, $495, is a sassy accessory.

Wear is with a plain white, black, or grey top, in order to not over-do the ensemble.

Stephanie tweeted the following before the party: “its my sissy @hollymontags bday party!

After scoring her first major magazine cover about her battle with bulimia, Stephanie Pratt decided to pipe in to impart some pearls of wisdom via her blog.

In my story nothing happened to me when i was young for me to find so many struggles growing up- unfortunately i was just my own worst enemy and never loved myself.

I was in desperate and delicate situations and needed professional help-which i got. So talk to someone-i urge everyone to be honest with a friend or mentor if you are having a hard time no matter how old you are.

“If your star starts to burn brighter than Lauren‘s, there’s going to be trouble.” Lauren‘s handbag the Moschino Muffin handbag in red.

10 pictures of Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt off to Grove Cove…

“He’ll ask Stephanie out again soon.” That won’t go over well with Spencer, who’s preparing to launch himself into the music business as the next big white rapper and recently threw down some harsh words for Asher, also 23.

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