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The CSIs can't even get the kidney transport box to process it for evidence because "a transplant opportunity could arise at any moment".

But the black market surgeon and his accomplice run the risk of their scam being uncovered by using their own hospital's transport box for their illicit organs?

The victim, heroin addict 'Elbows', played basketball with Colin Astor, and has Jeff's DNA under his fingernails.

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The best part was the dramatic opening when Calleigh and "Ryan" were investigating a complaint about a foul smell emanating from a foreclosed house.

They wind up in the attic with a dead body but then someone starts shooting at them and starts a fire in the house.

While in school, she worked as a weather anchor at WNCT-TV Greenville, N. Soon after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

that the pair's on-off romance will be explored further in the tenth season premiere."Right away in the first episode, we open the door a little bit... "They're sort of re-examining where they've been and where they're going together."The executive producer added that Calleigh and Eric's history will play a role in where their romance goes next."They've had such a history together, and you see the power and depth of their feelings toward each other," he said.

See more » In this episode, "Calleigh" nearly bites the dust and a renegade surgeon messes up and pays for it big-time.

This episode ain't "General Hospital," but it could have been called that. Part one "As Good As He Once Was" = Chapters 1-35 (complete)Part two "Every Mile A Memory" = Chapters 36 - 73 (complete) Calleigh and Eric would like to think they have an amazing life.How sick can you really get if you inhale/ingest the nearly stagnant waters of the Everglades?The team searches for Delko (Adam Rodriguez) as the eighth season of the procedural drama following a South Florida forensics team begins.Three new characters join the team of investigators, including art-theft specialist Walter Simmons (Omar Benson Miller), police officer Jesse Cardoza (Eddie Cibrian) and medical examiner Tom Loman (Christian Clemenson).In addition to learning just how Horatio (David Caruso) came by his iconic shades, viewers will also see how the Miami CSIs first came together.

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