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The gameplay involves conversing with a selection of girls, attempting to increase their internal "love meter" through correct choices of dialogue.

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Ever get confused about whether or not Angel and Buffy are seeing each other? Welcome to the Hellmouth - Buffy and Angel meet, he gives her the necklace. " When She Was Bad - Buffy gives attitude to Angel - Angel says he missed her - She dances sexy with Xander to make Angel jealous - Angel hugs her after she cremates the Master's bones Some Assembly Required - Buffy accuses Angel of being jealous - "Love makes you do the wacky" - Angel admits being jealous: "crazy like a 241 year old being jealous of a high school junior? - Since Angel remembers everything, I'm adding the fact that they had crazy naked sex a number of times :-) Although, for Buffy, nada. The Yoko Factor/Sanctuary - Buffy and Angel have it out in LA - Angel kicks Riley's butt - Angel apologizes to Buffy Forever - Angel returns to Sunnydale to comfort Buffy - Great kiss here.

In any case, here is a comprehensive look at that wacky love thang between Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel, the Vampire. It's a pretty name" Teacher's Pet - Angel gives Buffy his jacket, "Oh boy" Never Kill a Boy on The First Date - Angel looks jealous over Owen Angel - First kiss - Buffy learns of Angel's past - They decide to stay away from each other Out of Mind, Out of Sight - Giles meets Angel - Angel says it's too hard for him to be around Buffy - Giles makes an interesting point "poetic in a maudlin sort of way" Prophecy Girl - Angel admits that he has feelings for Buffy - sort of "Do you think I could stand it? - And, what I feel is the clincher, he rips out a demon's heart and feeds it to her. " Graduation Day, Part 2 - Angel tells Willow that he was wrong and that they should be together (him and Buffy) - Angel drinks from Buffy - Angel protects Buffy from nutty mayor - Angel tells Buffy that he won't say goodbye - Angel and Buffy stare at each other before he walks away into the smoke The Freshman/City of - Buffy picks up phone but no one's there - Angel dials a number and Buffy is on the other end saying hello Harsh Light of Day/In the Dark - Buffy sends the Gem of Ammara to Angel - Angel (it seems to me) wonders why Buffy didn't bring it herself Pangs/I Will Remember You - Angel stalks Buffy - deja vu, anyone?

Category: Dating Games Description: Galaxy Angel is a dating game that takes place far off in the future and in space.

After a period of hibernation, you are rescued from your spaceship and wake up aboard the Angel Base, a spaceship filled with beautiful women.

In the late 20th century, Angel, as he began calling himself, became an ally and lover (who he still deeply loves) of the current Slayer, Buffy Summers.

After the two were forced to realize their limitations as a couple, Angel left Buffy and moved to Los Angeles, where he became a Champion of the Powers That Be and dedicated himself to "helping the helpless" in the hope of achieving atonement.

Eventually, Angel adopted the identity of Twilight and gathered a cabal of humans and demons who had become wary of the rise of multiple Slayers.

As Twilight, Angel sought to keep these forces distracted as well as make Buffy grow more focused and stronger, and at the same time, try to keep the Slayers' deaths as low as he could.

To build your relationship with the girls you can talk, give gifts, date them and even fight them.

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