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Abusive narcissists require someone who is willing to cater to their needs and to give up their own desires.

Narcissists are self-destructive people with concealed low self-esteem and insatiable needs for attention and nothing to give.

Codependency is so ubiquitous that first of all, it’s hard to recognize. You need to do three things to determine if a relationship you’re in is codependent: 1.

You need to educate yourself until you have a working definition of codependency in your own words that you understand and cannot misinterpret.

Continue reading “The best moments in our lives, are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times – although such experiences can also be enjoyable, if we have worked hard to attain them. Continue reading Therapy has helped get me to where I am today, or most importantly where I was on Saturday and Sunday – playing in the sea with my partner, just a short drive from our new coastal home, thinking I absolutely …

The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind … I’m processing a lot of feelings, digging deep, unearthing stuff that’s buried far down.

to learn more about the history of codependency, see more recently, the term "codependent" has come to mean any person who focuses on another person in order to gain some kind of control.

their identity is directly tied to an "ego mirror", usually their significant other., who must always reflect the codependent as a perfect person. Or they were harshly criticized or ridiculed and made to feel small.The development of codependence has its roots in dysfunctional family systems and occurs over a fairly long period of time.Overly rigid, dogmatic, or authoritarian types of families where there may or may not be alcohol abuse or dependence appears to produce codependency.When your partner gets a little too clingy, here's how to ask for some "me" time without spoiling things. It is not normal or healthy to devote all your free time to your partner.No relationship should cost you your friendships, hobbies, or interests. In addition to the codependency created by being together all the time, gorging yourself on too much hot passion early on can cause things to fizzle. Instead, let this person know you value your independence and actually enjoy spending some time by yourself. But someone with endless free time who wraps their world around you in a matter of weeks? And if your partner can't back off so you have some breathing room, you may want to reassess the relationship.Continue reading Childfree, Childless, Childlessness, Codependency, commitment, Dating, Fear, Flow, Happiness, intimacy, Love, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Nonfiction, Personal development, Psychology, publishing, Recovery, Relationships, Self-help, Selfhelp It began with me – with falling in love with myself. Continue reading I’m having a tough week emotionally.

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