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For the place in Afghanistan, see Madraseh, Badakhshan. The word is variously transliterated madrasah, medresa, madrassa, madraza, medrese, etc.

In the West, the word usually refers to a specific type of religious school or college for the study of the Islamic religion, though this may not be the only subject studied.

In countries like India, not all students in madrasas are Muslims; there is also a modern curriculum.

I was relaxing, listening to the alternative radio station and surfing around online. I licked my lips to imagine how soft and smooth her ass would be to the touch. Sitting on the bed, legs crossed, wearing white socks and a blue summer dress was Janet’s blonde friend, Beth.“Hello, Steve,” Beth smiled swinging her pony tail as she turned to look at me. In High School, I always had a crush on Beth, probably because I saw her so often.“Judy is on the phone.”“Thanks bro,” my sister was the youngest of her friends, having turned 18 last month and she still had braces. She was a tomboy, who liked to play touch football with the boys, and ate steaks instead of salads.“Bye, Mom,” Monica waved to the SUV with one tire on our drive-way. She was wearing denim overalls over a pink t-shirt.

Beth was 18 and had been friends with Jan since junior high. Beth was no longer the skinny, flat chested girl I remember when she played soccer with Jan. Her tits were full like Beth’s and I felt them pressing against me in the hug.

Hypersexuality: a female whose sex drive is obsessively high.

Considered a mental illness, coloqiually means a horny girl.

Sex is no doubt one of the most pleasurable activities but can too much of it have side-effects on your health? The thoughts, urges or behaviour are constantly distressing for a period of over 2 weeks. Since the addict is not able to control his mind, it’s essential he shares his thoughts with a friend/family member.

In many cases, the affected person knows he is excessively indulging into them, but finds himself helpless to stop. The role of the friend/family member is to take the person to a psychiatrist. In early cases counselling works, but in cases more than a year old medications are the only cure.

” I asked.“Not now, I’ll tell you later,” she walked past me to Janet’s room. At the top of the steps, I noticed that Sylvia had left my sister Jill’s door open. I could still picture the round globes of her ass that I had peeked at. I knew my sister Jill had a boyfriend, Mike, so I figured she must like girls and boys.

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