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is an American rapper and actress from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.She is also the inaugural winner of the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2002, for the song "Let Me Blow Ya Mind", with American singer Gwen Stefani.

When they discussed her choice to rock some fabulous fuchsia eyeshadow or line her eyes with electric teal, Alicia reminds us that her makeup choice isn’t all about NO makeup. Alicia said, “I am all about a woman’s right to choose.

I think a woman should do anything she wants as it relates to her face, her body, her health. We have to be in each other’s shoes a little bit more!

She has also achieved success in fashion, with her clothing line, Fetish. This group covered songs from En Vogue and Color Me Badd.

She adopted the name Gangsta in high school as part of an all-female group called EDGP (pronounced "Egypt") During her early years in Philadelphia, she was educated at Martin Luther King High School. She sang in many choirs and even formed an all-female singing group (Dope Girl Posse or D. The group's manager suggested that the group should rap after seeing ABC, and Eve stuck with it. After the group split, Eve began working on a solo career under the name "Eve of Destruction." Eve has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, and most recently has resided in London.

In the chorus, it shows them talking and exchanging phone numbers.

At the beginning of the third verse, Keys and Eve are in the same room. At the end, Eve and Keys are shown wearing "Gangsta Love" shirts.

Lesbian rumors have surrounded Alicia Keys for years, which the singer/songwriter attributes to her tomboy style of dress in the past.

In new blog post promoting her single “28,000 Days,” Alicia details a recent embracing her real self.

Whatever mode of expression that empowers you, that’s what you should do. And her new freedom has deeply inspired her new album, , “It’s because I’m finally here; I’m finally present. It’s personal but also universal.” We can firmly say that we are HERE for all of that.

What I am not down for is this ridiculously high, unrealistic expectation about appearance that we as women are held to.” While makeup free might not be the choice for everyone, Alicia just wants to remind us that it’s an option. In my own skin, being able to look in the mirror, and seeing how that reflects the world I live in, the world we all live in. We want to see more openness and inclusion, and more women expressing themselves with the passion and vulnerability of the incomparable Alicia Keys!

I put on dresses and didn’t braid my whole head up, so people could see more of the “real” me, even though at that point I’m sure I was more confused then ever of what the real me was.

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