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Played Little League growing up, where he played shortstop, outfield and pitched.As a senior at Grand Street Campus High School in Brooklyn, set a school record with 20K in a single game…became the first player from New York City to be honored as an Aflac All-American in 2005…during the 2005 regular season, posted a 6-0 record with a 0.22 ERA, allowing just 1ER while recording 100K in 41.2IP…also played basketball for part of his high school career.

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When the high priest of capitalism himself is declaring the growth in economic inequality a national crisis, something has gone very, very wrong.

This widening gap between the rich and non-rich has been evident for years.

There, on the set of Meet the Press, the host, David Gregory, was interviewing a guest who made a forceful case that the U. economy had become “very distorted.” In the wake of the recession, this guest explained, high-income individuals, large banks, and major corporations had experienced a “significant recovery”; the rest of the economy, by contrast—including small businesses and “a very significant amount of the labor force”—was stuck and still struggling.

What we were seeing, he argued, was not a single economy at all, but rather “fundamentally two separate types of economy,” increasingly distinct and divergent.

When he stopped, Swift said he had spent the day playing golf and inspecting housing projects.

He claimed to have been travelling at no more than 60mph.


Scott Fitzgerald was right when he declared the rich different from you and me.

Maid service, laundry and ironing services, free national newspapers and video check-out are just some of the services available. For business travellers, over 55000ft2 of meeting space including 43 meeting rooms are available in the nearby sister hotel, the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers.

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