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As such, when participating within the community or otherwise using any service provided by Club Cooee, you agree NOT TO: without limitation.

This list of prohibitions provides examples and is not complete or exclusive.

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Twinity is a virtual world powered by real life, you can move and chat in real cities, partecipate to quiz and games, flirt and find your soulmate.

Some of these 3D chat programs are relatively the same, but others are vastly different.You must be 13 years or older to request a membership.Chat XPlanet -- "Free chat rooms for teens, adults and younger teens.Includes chat etiquette, smileys, abbreviations, dating advice, message forums." Chamber of Chat -- "Chamber of Chat is a graphical experience MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game), for all sorts of fans.It is broken into a number of areas that give users the feeling that they are interacting in the actual 3D world.:-) The definition of virtual reality is, according to the dictionary (Oxford Desk Dictionary if you're interested): "Generation by computer software of an image or environment that appears real to the senses." That's "senses" plural, not one sense, like sight, singular.

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